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Recovered Manga Chapters

Hi all.

Short update here - I was able to recover the manga chapters that I thought were lost, and direct download links have been restored to the projects page.

Additionally - due to some technical difficulties I have updated the contact page to reflect the gmail address which I will be responding from in the mean time. Please do not attempt to email the previous addresses until this is resolved.

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New Subdomain

Ya boi was feeling nostalgic - enter chzbrgr.runninginthenineties

It's 2019 so my lolcat collection is long gone, but I scrounged up ~40 authentic pics for you guys. More to come in the future ... enjoy

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New Song Lyrics Section + Site Fixed

Looks like due to a trial ending my whole hosting account got deleted - oops. Made a mistake in recreating it and took a bit to fix but, everything seems to be running fine now.

As some may have seen before all that though, I've added a new song lyrics section to the projects page, and the first entry is for Kimama Na Kaze Ni Fukare from the Initial D Vocal Battle CD series.

Please check it out!

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